Where my products come from and what makes them special

House Plant Shop

All the houseplants, and some plant accessories, sold on Linen + Leaves are supplied by House Plant Shop. They're an online plant retailer founded by a group of friends in 2017, and sell some of the best plants and accessories I've seen. They work with a small group of high quality plant growers in Southern California and ship your orders directly from their greenhouse.

Slate + Salt

The founder of Slate + Salt wanted to share stories from her global travels through the empowerment of artisans in impoverished communities around the world. Everything they produce provides dignified work opportunities to local artisans, while preserving their cultures and traditions, and remaining in their communities. Many of the towels and blankets on Linen + Leaves are made by such capable hands, and your purchase ultimately has a positive effect for the communities.


From Swahili, meaning “employment, jobs, source of income” - KAZI seeks to empower artisans to "weave a better story for themselves." Through fair wage jobs, sustainable materials, and quality craftsmanship, KAZI provides handmade goods that provide a way of life for people in impoverished communities in Africa. The gorgeous baskets on Linen + Leaves by KAZI tell a story, and help provide the makers in these communities life richer, fuller lives.

Hilana Upcycled Cotton

Hilana, a ceritfied B corporation, seeks to turn the billions of pounds of waste produced by the textile industry and turns them into something beautiful and sustainable. Through closed-loop upcycling, they turn wasted fabric into sustainable textiles with no waste, no dyes, no chemicals, and no extra water.  

Karmic Seed

What are the most sustainable products that could replace plastic? By asking this question, Karmic Seed founders were led to India, where they discovered the utility and beauty of natural agricultural by-products. By embracing the masterpiece that nature has already created, they have provided several unembellished, sustainable alternatives to plastic for everyday life. By purchasing these eco-swaps, you are supporting fair trade, ethical production, sustainability, and their reforestation project!

Delectable Garden

Delectable Garden, based in California, started with a need to maximize outdoor space in the city for growing fresh produce. They now provide many space-saving planters made of recycled water bottles!


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