Linen + Leaves is a small online retailer, which seeks to connect discerning customers with ethical, sustainable, and stylish home products; and quality houseplants and accessories.

Linen for the fabric that connects all of humanity culturally.

Leaves for cultivating a relationship between humans and nature.

This shop was born when a life-long desire to open a retail store and a love for all things houseplants collided with a sudden spark of inspiration from a fair trade wholesale catalog. I, the owner, am passionate about sharing my love of houseplants and my admiration of ethical and socially responsible products that bring aid to communities in need. Always inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, and beautiful botanical interior design, I hope to share my style with shoppers through my hand-picked selection of products.

Currently, all products are fulfilled through drop shipping. This can often have a negative connotation, but rest assured, I make large efforts to ensure you're getting high quality and ethically produced goods. I avoid drop shipping from China, since it is just too difficult to trace origins, and almost solely ship from independent brands based in the United States. Additionally, through drop shipping, I can help to minimize our impact on the environment.

Core Values

+ Transparency

From the origin of your home goods, to the current state of business, I believe in being completely transparent with my customers. You will see this in my evolving story, and my communications on individual products and suppliers.

+ Sustainability

Planet Earth matters, plain and simple. I make every effort to ensure that the products I source and the suppliers I choose to work with have minimal negative impact on the environment.

+ Responsibility

I always put on emphasis on taking personal responsibility for my actions. This includes how I choose to run my business. I choose to source products from suppliers with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. This means you can expect to see fair trade goods from independent companies that seek to make a difference in the communities where they function.

Will I always be perfect in meeting these values? No. We're all human. But I will do everything in my power to maximize these goals and offset any negative effect may occur.